Our Beliefs

Who we are

We are a coalition of civil rights, social justice, civic and business leaders working to promote educational equity for all Michigan students, especially the most underserved. Our diverse, bipartisan table includes individual members as well as organizations who have signed on to be allies for equity.

Our Vision

Michigan will be a national leader in public education, where all children achieve at high levels, regardless of race, gender, disability, family income, native language or geography.

We believe in:

Closing Achievement and Opportunity Gaps

Every student deserves access and opportunity to the educational resources and support that they need to achieve, from pre-K through postsecondary.

Funding and Resource Equity

Every student deserves funding that is sufficient for supporting their unique needs; Michigan must invest in public education and commit to support students who have been underserved for decades. The biggest increases in funding should go to students with the greatest needs and funding intended for high-needs students must be spent on services for those students.

Transparency and Honesty

Student learning should be assessed and publicly reported so that parents, educators and policymakers can ensure resources are directed where they are needed most.

Accountability for Student Outcomes

Every student should be supported through a single accountability system that is easy to understand, focused first on student learning and outcomes, and is regularly updated to inform parents, educators, community leaders and policymakers.

Educator Talent & Diversity

Every student deserves a highly effective teacher and principal who reflect the community and state’s diversity, and who provide standards-aligned, culturally-responsive instruction.

Support for Students’ Social-Emotional and Academic Development

Every student deserves to learn in a safe and inclusive environment that fosters positive academic, physical and mental health, and relationships between staff, students, and community. Through regular advising and support throughout high school, students will be well-prepared to successfully enter, persist and complete skilled trades and postsecondary education.

Additional Protection and Opportunities During a Crisis

Every student deserves access to instructional continuity and mental, physical and nutritional support during a crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.